Welcome to Jeepson.co.uk

Jeepson is the design studio of Gavin J Pearson, a website development and graphic design specialist, based in Chesterfield, North Derbyshire, UK.

My professional service is available for any type and scale of business. My prices are very competitive and offer great value on their return. This is because the intention of my designs are to attract more busines to increase your sales by promoting your product or business.

All my solutions are bespoke and exclusive in terms of web design, graphic design and branding. Superior quality, experience, flexibile and affordable prices are the key features that make Jeepson both unique and effective.

To get started, you can request a call back by using the form below or send me an email to sales@jeepson.co.uk.

The Process

Jeepson uses a formal design process that makes the most of interaction and collaboration. By using a structured process for my projects, you can be sure that all work is consistently of the highest standards.

1. Initial Meeting
The process starts off with us visiting you for a meeting to gather your requirements and get the proposal put together. For small projects this can be done over the phone.

2. Design
Back at the office, we create a brief which contains an overview of the design. This is send over for your review and any changes are welcome.

3. Development
Now we have the design complete we begin the actual work, which is either constructing, printing or programming. Maybe even all three!

4. Go Live
This is the exciting part where you recieve delivery eihter by having your website uploaded or stationary delivered.